External Screen Blinds

  • Roller shutters installed on large glazed areas provide optimum protection from sunlight and support for air-conditioning, this way reducing operating costs of building,
  • When the shutter is lowered, it is a perfect barrier protecting from insects and pollution,
  • The system features characteristic side guide bars, the so-called ZIP system*,
  • The ZIP screen shutter system is a perfect protection against strong wind blows,
  • A wide selection of fabrics allows to match the screens in an optimum way, both as regards the function and visually to building façade,
  • The roller tube is covered with the upper cassette which can be oval-shaped, square-shaped or half-rounded,
  • The fabrics are made of glass fibres and PVC, which allows for easy cleaning and reeling when wet,
  • An extruded cassette enables to contain large size SCREEN roller shutter.

* The ZIP system provides functional and modern guidance of the fabric. Thanks to a special zip integrated with the fabric, it is always properly tensioned and does not fall out of the guides when in use. It provides excellent coverage without any clearances.


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