Mosquito net pleated

  • Effective protection against insects, insects and precipitation of trees, shrubs and flowers,
  • Ideally suited to the outputs on the balcony or terrace.,
  • Directions sliding mosquito nets: the center or to one side
  • Lightweight and stable carrying mosquito. Package retracted mosquito is hidden in the guide.
  • Low-threshold design, including barrier cassing for the elderly and disabled.
  • The structure is made of aluminum, weather resistant and high quality materials that guarantee durability.
  • Screen has a handle for opening and retaining the magnets in the closed position.
  • Easy disassembly of the mobile nets allows for quick taking out the package and securing it in the off season.
  • Pleated Mosquito nets can be installed on site or door facade of the building. When installing the topcoat applied strips are adaptive.
Technical specification
System max width  [mm] max  hight [mm]
Mosquito pleated - 1 wing 1900 2600
Mosquito pleated - 2 wings 3800 2600
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