Free hanging roller blinds RM 18, RM 32

  • Locking of a roller blind at any height with the use of a chain-operated or control system,
  • Reliable protection against sun exposure of the interior of a building and against reflections of light falling on the surface of monitors,
  • Made to measure roller blinds can work equally well as a window shade or an OHP screen or as a recess cover,
  • Great range of patterns and colours (including fabrics which filter sunlight or block the sun, and opaque or transparent fabrics) allows the roller blind to match any interior design.
Technical specification
System min. width [mm] max width [mm] max height [mm] max surface m2
RM 18 300 1400 2200 3,08
RM 32 300 2200 3000 6,60
Application : windows, shop windows, recesses, screens
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