Built-on roller shutter – angled roller shutter box

  •  Strengthened lock connecting the top and the bottom of a roller shutter box
  • Easier access to the roller shutter mechanism by moving the lock up to the edge of a roller shutter
  • Angled panel making the shutter box structure more rigid
  • Furnished with entry guides for guide channels bolted to the side cover of a roller shutter, which makes it possible to replace the cover withoutn the need for dismantling the whole roller shutter
  •  Possibility of installing an integrated mosquito nets
  • Wide range of colours allows the roller shutter to fit into any modern or traditional building design
Technical specification
Type of profile min width [mm] max width [mm] max height [mm] max surface [m2]
AN 39 500 2800 3000* 6,0
AN 45 500 3100 3500* 6,5
AN 52 500 3700 3400* 8,0
Application: windows, shop windows, terrace windows, entrance doors

* depending on applied security devices.

Completion of building: applied to existing, already erected buildings.