Panel curtains

  • Possibility of screening large glass walls,
  • Easy control over the light which comes into the room,
  • Modern window treatment which can replace curtains,
  • Attractive way of space partition,
  • Complement to your interior design – free choice of patterns and colours, possibility of rearrangement of panel curtains,
  • Mounting methods: in a window recess, on a wall or ceiling.

Panel tracks are an inner decoration of a window or a wall, often used in place of traditional curtains. They may also be used to cover, among others, huge surfaces made of glass.

A great asset of verticals as well as panel tracks is their unquestionable appeal for interior decoration purposes which is a consequence of freedom to combine colours and patterns.

Technical specification
System Number of panels min. width [mm] max width [mm] max height [mm] max surface m2
Panel Track one-sided 2 850 2010 3500 7,03
3 1250 3010 3500 10,53
4 1700 3850 3500 13,83
5 2050 4850 3500 16,98
Panel Track two sided 6 2400 6000 3500 21,00
8 3100 8000 3500 28,00
Application: outsize windows, shop windows, recesses, partition walls
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