Built-on roller shutter

Although designed mainly to protect the interior against vandalism and burglary, roller shutters are also a perfect insulation. Made of highest quality materials, they provide a wonderful sound and heat insulation thus cutting energy bills and protecting windows as well as elevation from damage caused by hailstones, rain, snow and gusts of wind to name but a few. What is more, thanks to the wide variety of colours on offer, roller shutters beautifully complement the image of modern buildings as well as those of historical value.

Our roller shutters successfully cooperate with wind, dusk, stand-by and time sensors, they are also perfect for smart building management systems. Sophisticated controls measure the strength of wind, inside and outside temperature, heat and precipitation; they also preset the blinds to being pulled up and down also in absence of owners. Roller shutters equipped with motorised blind systems are noticeably more comfortable to use, especially when the blinds are numerous, large-size or situated in places with difficult access.

Our offer features roller shutters integrated with insect screens, built-on roller shutters, integrated roller shutters combined with window as a single unit and built-in roller shutters.

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