Window covers mounted outside the house

Covers mounted outside the house (exterior roller shutters) are used mostly in order to protect the house interior from acts of vandalism and burglary. They are a perfect protection against excessive heat and sunlight.

Modern exterior roller shutters are made of high-quality materials and provide perfect noise and thermal protection, which leads to significant savings in energy consumption. They also secure window openings and elevation against damage and unfavourable weather conditions, including hail, rain, snow and gusty wind.

Moreover, since the external roller shutters are available in a wide range of colours, they may ideally match both modern and traditional architectural facilities. External roller shutters can be also installed with automatic dawn to dusk sensor, time sensor, wind sensor, standby sensor, and connected to an intelligent building management system. The most advanced controllers will measure wind force, temperature outside and inside, sunlight exposure and precipitation level. The systems allow to program the shutters to raise and lower also when there is no-one home.

It is worth remembering that electrical drives and control systems significantly raise the comfort of use, especially when a lot shutters are operated, or if the shutters are mounted in confined areas, or large covers are used. Our offer includes exterior roller shutters integrated with flyscreen, elevation roller shutters, exterior window-mounted roller shutters and concealed shutters.


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